Water Soluble MWF Fully Synthetic Wire Cutting Fluid

Basic Info

Model No.: T8806

Composition: Additives

Shape: Liquid

Application: Industrial Lubricant, Automotive Lubricant

Product Description

Product Introduction:

T8806 water soluble wire cutting fluid is used as cooling, washing, lubricant, cleaning, antirust and arc extinguishing for various metals material, it can increase cutting speed, and it is a high class lubricant product.

Metal Working Fluid can be classified in four types: Oil Soluble Metal Working Fluid, Water Soluble Semi Synthetic Cutting Fluid, Water Soluble Fully Synthetic Cutting Fluid and Emulsion Metal Working Fluid by different application. T8806 is one type of Water Soluble Fully Synthetic Cutting Fluid.


Processing Method :

Suitable for various abrasive steel, A3, 45# steel, aluminium alloy, ect. metals material of electric spark cutting processing.



Fully synthetic formula, good lubricity effect, long life, clean machine tools, not contain nitrates, ect. harmful material, no bad pungent odor, friendly product to environment.

Specially suitable for various high speed wire moving, medium low speed wire moving cutting machine to use, good effect.

Strong lubricity, not easy to break wire, low wire consumption, improve life, greatly improve the cleanness and processing efficiency of tools cutting surface.

Good compatibility with working thickness and material, cutting efficiency is 10-50% higher than traditional emulsion oil.

Proper dielectric strength and arc-reducing effect, stable electricity and voltage effect.

Strong antirust, rust resistance performance, good antirust protection function to machine and tools.

Good cooling effect, excellent cleaning and chip removal performance, good solubility.

Not contain pathogenic substance, working fluid has good stability, long life product.


Typical Data:

Test item

Test method

Typical data



Transparent light

yellow liquid




Refractivity ratio










meter reading

Drop method




Water soluble wire cutting fluid is diluted with tap water, the dilution ratio is 1:15 to 1:20, stir evenly, the dilution ratio can be adjusted according to working parts thickness and hardness. This product is stored under room temperature, avoid freeze and sunlight, preserve in seals after it is opened.


Safety, hygiene notes:

This product is industrial product, all material are not harmful to human when contact, not constitute a potential hazard to occupational disease. In the process of use, attention should still be paid to keeping and complying with professional operating specifications.

This product may have a risk of deterioration under heat, light, acid, alkali circumstance, It should be sealed and preserved in the cool shade place so as not to lose the performance. 


Note: Above are typical data, not represent specifications. If in need, MSDS is available, you can obtain information about storage, safety operation and handling. The data above is as accurate as possible, but may change based on future formula change.

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