PMA Polymethacrylate Pour Point Depressant PPD Additive

Basic Info

Model No.: T602

Property: High and Low Temperature Lubricating Oil

Shape: Liquid

Application: Industrial Lubricant, Automotive Lubricant

Composition: Additives

Product Description

■Product Introduction

T602 is a PMA pour point depressant with excellent pour-point depressing effect and shear stability, suitable for engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and other lubricating oils. It is a universal pour point depressant, especially suitable for the formulation of base oils and class II and III hydrogenated oils with medium and low viscosity.

It is a kind of Lubricant Additive Component, and has good compatibility with TBN Booster Calcium Sulfonate, Corrosion Inhibitor ZDDP, Ashless Dispersant, High Temperature Antioxidant, Antiwear EP Additive, Rust Preventative Anti-rust Additive, ect., to make different kinds of lubricant with different Additive Package.

■Product Typical Values


Typical Values

Test Method


Transparent viscous liquid

Visual inspection

100℃ kinematic viscosity, mm2/s


GB/T 265

Color scale and number


GB/T 6540

Density (20°C), kg/m3


SH/T 0604

Flash point (open), °C


GB/T 3536

■Product Characteristics

Excellent pour-point depressing effect 

Excellent shear stability

Narrower molecular weight distribution 

 Lower viscosity, easy to blend

• A universal product with wide range of application

■Performance Test - Pour-Point Depressing

Pour-point depressing effect of TC-602 in different base oils:

Base Oil

Additive Free /℃


Pour-point Depressing Degree//℃

Class I

Dalian 150SN




Dalian 400SN




Class II

Ssangyong 60N




Ssangyong 70N




Formosa 150N




Jilian 150N




Huizhou 150N




Daqing P6




Beili 6#




Maoming 6#




Ssangyong 500N




Class III

Yubase 4




Yubase 6




Daqing VHV18




Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage for TC-602 is 0.1 %-1.0%wt, depending on the application. 

Please consult our additive application engineer for details.

■Packing & Storage

The highest temperature of this product shall not exceed 75°C during storage, handling and oil blending. If stored for a long time, the highest temperature shall not exceed 45°C. It shall be kept away from water. This product is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive. In terms of safety, environmental protection and use, it is the same as general petroleum products without special protection. For skin contact, wash thoroughly with detergent, soap and water.

Packing: 200L standard galvanized iron drum, 180 kg/drum net weight.

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