Lube Additive PMA Polymethacrylate Pour Point Depressant PPD

Basic Info

Model No.: T603

Composition: Additives

Property: High and Low Temperature Lubricating Oil

Shape: Liquid

Application: Industrial Lubricant, Automotive Lubricant

Product Description

■Product Introduction

T603 is a PMA pour point depressant with excellent pour-point depressing and shear stability. Suitable for engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and other lubricating oils, it is a universal pour point depressant. It is especially suitable for group I base oil with medium and high viscosity, and has good pour-point depressing  effect for group II and III hydrogenated oil.

It is one type of Lubricant Additive Component, and is well compatible with TBN Booster Calcium Sulfonate, Corrosion Inhibitor ZDDP, Ashless Dispersant, High Temperature Antioxidant, Antiwear EP Additive, Rust Preventative Anti-rust Additive, ect., to formulate different kinds of lubricant with different Additive Package.

■Product Typical Values


Typical Value

Test Method


Transparent viscous liquid

Visual inspection

100° C kinematic viscosity, mm2/s

Less than 400


Color scale and number


GB/T 6540

Density (20°C), kg/m3


SH/T 0604

Flash point (open), °C


GB/T 3536

■Product Characteristics

Excellent pour-point depressing effect 

Excellent shear stability

Narrower molecular weight distribution 

Lower viscosity, easy to blend

• A universal product with wide range of application

■Performance Test - Pour-Point Depressing

Pour-point depressing effect of TC-602 in different base oils:

Base Oil



Pour-point Depressing Degree /°C

Group I Large Viscosity

Dalian 400SN




Dalian 650SN





Formosa 150N





Huizhou 150N




Group II

Beili 6#





Ssangyong 500N





Petronas Etro4




Group III

Daqing VHVI6





Youbase 6





Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage for T603 is 0.1 %-1.0%wt, depending on the application. 

Please consult our additive application engineer for details.

■Packing & Storage

The highest temperature of this product shall not exceed 75°C during storage, handling and oil blending. If stored for a long time, the highest temperature shall not exceed 45°C. It shall be kept away from water. This product is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive. In terms of safety, environmental protection and use, it is the same as general petroleum products without special protection. For skin contact, wash thoroughly with detergent, soap and water.

Packing: 200L standard galvanized iron drum, 180 kg/drum net weight.

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