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Zhengzhou Chorus Commerce & Trade Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of lubricant additive in China, has good cooperation bond with reliable manufacturers and qulified R & D center to ensure steady supply in excellent quality. That is why we can stand in crowd.

The products line include component, additives package and metal working fluid additive.


Detergent: calcium sulfonate & TBN booster, magnesium sulfonate, calcium phenate, calcium salicylate;

ZDDP & corrosion inhibitor: characterized by different alcohol structure;

Ashless dispersant: characterized by different structure and molecular;

High temperature antioxidant: Classified into BHT type, amine type and Phenolic type;

Antiwear & EP additive: different performance with selective types contains S, N, P;

OCP Polymer & VII: arranging from different SSI;

Anti-rust additive & rust reventative;

Pour point Depressant.

Additive package:

Gasoline Engine Oil Additive Package (HDEO);

Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package (PCMO);

Hydraulic Oil Additive Package;

Gear Oil Additive Package;

4T Motorcyce Oil Additive Package;

Marine Oil Additive Package;

Natrual Gas Engine Oil Additive Package;

Air Compressor Oil Additive Package;

Railway Oil Additive Package.

Metal Working Fluid:

Oil Soluble Metal Working Fluid;

Water Soluble Semi Synthetic Cutting Fluid;

Water Soluble Fully Synthetic Cutting Fluid;

Emulsion Metal Working Fluid.

Sincerely expect a prospective cooperation with you, let us sing in chorus!

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